We offer a comprehensive line of prime, transition and recycled products, across a wide variety of price points, thus affording procurement teams a multitude of sourcing options. BlueClover sells through both spot and long term contracts and delivers in railcars, bulk trucks, and boxes. Our private label brand is HERO, based on the following:


  • H – Homogeneous:   BlueClover offers consistent specifications of polypropylene to ensure the product runs well in your application.
  • E – Economical:   BlueClover buys directly from multiple major PP producers. As a lean organization, we can pass price savings to our customers.
  • R – Reliable:   BlueClover’s supply has a proven track record of ratability through both long and short markets. No games, no drama.
  • O – Optionality:   BlueClover’s customers have the option to convert their resin contracts from a floating price market based formula into a fixed price purchase contract for various periods of time.

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