BlueClover offers a focused, yet comprehensive line of resins from multiple suppliers at varying price points to provide convertors options to streamline all facets of their procurement business. BlueClover provides trust and transparency to our clients in all dealings, everything from a spot bulk truck to a yearlong supply contract. By integrating and compressing the supply chain, instant savings can be realized while establishing the proper infrastructure to take advantage of today’s global market.

HERO Approach

BlueClover works with multiple supply sources to find the intersection between product quality and price. Our HERO approach is based upon 4 key pillars:

  • H – Homogeneous: BlueClover offers consistent specifications, at all price points, allowing our clients economical solutions for their various applications.
  • E – Economical: BlueClover has carved out ratable supply, at a discount to the prime marketplace, which can be used to fulfill both spot deals and long term contracts.
  • R – Reliable: BlueClover’s supply has a proven track record of ratability through both long and short markets. No games, no drama.
  • O – Optionality: BlueClover’s customers have the option to convert their resin contracts from a floating price market based formula into a fixed price purchase contract for various periods of time.

BlueClover has introduced a full line of foreign supply, compounded products, and additives which deliver price & properties on both sides of the value chain. Information can be furnished upon request.

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