BlueClover is an authorized trader within the Recycled Material Standard certificate-based trading system for Attributes of Recycled Content (“ARCs”). ARCs are “plastic credit/claims” in a similar sense to carbon credits.

An ARC is defined as a paper credit associated with one metric ton of recycled output generated at the recycling processor level.

The ARC program is a financial market in which virgin plastic responsible parties purchase ARC certificates as an immediate tool for meeting sustainability goals. Plastic virgin companies can now report that a percentage of their overall procurement has a recycled component. Convertors and brands have the option to utilize on-product labeling showcasing support in recycling investments with the appropriate audits in place.

The proceeds from the ARCs to the recyclers drives further recycling infrastructure investment and help to bridge the gap until more affordable and consistent quality material is available for convertors and brands.

Please click here to read the Plastics News Article about BlueClover’s efforts to educate virgin responsible parties about ARCs as a means to strive towards sustainability

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